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As part of its offer of capacity development services, the CADRI Partnership provides an e-catalogue of training modules in disaster risk reduction across socio-economic, environmental, and cultural sectors which builds on the complementarity of expertise of its member agencies.

This e-catalogue consolidates readily available training modules in disaster risk reduction, including disaster preparedness, across different sectors and themes provided by our CADRI members. The themes are built around key functions and capacity requirements for disaster risk reduction, enabling users to custom search the training offer available based on their specific needs. It further provides the basis for the CADRI Partnership to customize a CADRI training package to respond to a government / UNCT request following a capacity diagnosis & planning process. 

To explore the e-catalogue and find training modules that meet your demand, you can browse through all modules or refine your search to access specific training by filtering the theme, sector, agency, languages, delivery modality, and target audience of the module.


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