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Madagascar is highly vulnerable to natural hazards, particularly cyclones, floods, and droughts. Cyclones pose the greatest threat, causing significant fatalities and damage to crops and infrastructure,impacting the economy. Mining activities have increased the susceptibility to environmental disasters, including chemical and industrial accidents. The country's vulnerability is heightened due to widespread poverty, environmental degradation, and inadequate investment in infrastructure and further intensified by climate change, demographic growth, and urbanization, putting pressure on natural resources. These issues are compounded by limited predictive capabilities and restricted access to social safety nets. 
In April 2012, the Government and the UN, supported by CADRI, assessed disaster risk reduction (DRR) and response preparedness, leading to the National Plan of Action for Capacity Development in DRR (2013-2017). Since 2015, Madagascar has shifted from reactive to proactive risk management, improving risk information and governance frameworks to better integrate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation across vital sectors.
In 2022, the Government of Madagascar, acknowledging ongoing challenges, formally requested support from the CADRI partners to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic of the national disaster risk management system in June 2022. 
The government is revising existing laws and regulations to incorporate modern DRR and CCA standards across all governance levels and sectors. This effort includes harmonizing policies across different sectors to ensure they effectively address DRR and CCA and avoid potential conflicts. The findings will inform the development of the integrated disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and the national adaptation plan. The strategy will aim to offer a common basis for coordinated implementation across sectors and levels and build on a shared understanding of disaster and climate risk and enhance evidence-based programming in DRR and CCA under the current UNSDCF (2022-2026).




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    Madagascar - National Plan 2013-2017

    15 Jan 2013
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    Madagascar - Capacity Diagnosis Report

    1 Jun 2012