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As a small island nation, Maldives is faced with daunting challenges of resilience to climate change and disaster risk. The country is regularly exposed to floods, droughts, storms, monsoonal heavy rains, cyclones, storm swells and coastal erosion. The archipelago is also exposed to seismic activity which can cause tsunamis. Other disaster risks include fire accidents and oil spills. The observed impacts and projected risks of climate change present major risks to livelihoods, infrastructures, economic and socio-ecological systems as 70% of the country’s total land area is less than one meter above sea level.
Responding to a request by the National Disaster Management Agency in 2022, the CADRI Partnership undertook a scoping mission to consult the government, civil society, academia, and development partners on national priorities defining the scope of a diagnosis of country systems to manage disaster and climate change risks. This is expected to inform the development of the national integrated DRR strategy and adaptation plan.