We provide governments and UN Country Teams with a training offer that builds on the existing CADRI Partners’ training modules, methodologies, and templates in disaster risk reduction across socio-economic, environmental and cultural sectors that can be customized to the countries’ needs and facilitated by the CADRI partners upon request.

We offer a publicly accessible e-catalogue of CADRI Partners’ most recent training modules in disaster risk reduction that consolidates over 170 modules in different areas of capacity development, sectors, and languages, building on the complementarity of expertise of our member agencies.

The training modules are classified under 10 themes that are built around key functions and capacity requirements for disaster risk reduction, including Governance Arrangements, Risk Information, Risk-Informed Planning, Operational Capacity, Needs Assessment and Analysis, Financing Instruments, Monitoring and Evaluation, Community-based DRR/DRM, Hazard-specific DRR/DRM, and cross-cutting themes.

To explore the CADRI Partners’ Training E-Catalogue users can browse through all modules or use the filtering options to customize the training offer to their specific needs based on criteria such as the contributing agency, sector/cluster, theme and sub-theme, available languages, delivery modality, and target audience.

Check out the e-catalogue!