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RedR Australia is a leading humanitarian agency for international emergency response. We provide skilled people and training to help communities plan, prepare, rebuild and recover in before, during and after crises and conflict. RedR Australia maintains a roster of more than 700 technical experts to support community efforts in enacting disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, recovery and stabilisation activities in times of need.

RedR Australia is a Standby Partner to 11 United Nations agencies or entities, as well as other front line relief agencies and local governments. During a humanitarian crisis, a global network of Standby Partner organisations provides additional support to UN response efforts. RedR Australia is the only Standby Partner to the UN in the southern hemisphere. RedR Australia also manages the Australia Assists program, an integrated civilian capability co-designed by RedR Australia and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which further enables RedR Australia to mobilise at every stage of the disaster cycle.


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