Risk Profile

Poverty, demographic pressure and recurrent shocks (droughts, floods, epidemics and high food prices) are responsible for the chronic vulnerability of Niger. In 2013, 4.2 million people were food-insecure, 1.5 million were at risk of epidemics, and 233.000 people were affected by floods (OCHA, Humanitarian Overview, January 2014).

CADRI Support to Niger

In June 2013, CADRI conducted a scoping mission in Niger to define the parameters of a fully-fledged assessment of national capacities for disaster risk reduction, including preparedness for response. A capacity assessment in disaster risk reduction, including preparedness for response, will take place in March 2014 under Government and UN Country Team leadership, with participation of other national stakeholders. Based on the capacity assessment, a National Plan of Action for Capacity Development in DRR will be developed by Government and the UN Country Team with support from CADRI. Subsequent technical support from CADRI partner agencies will be available for the implementation of the National Plan.