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The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is the worldwide humanitarian organization providing assistance without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

The IFRC encourages comprehensive community action to eliminate disaster risks where possible and to reduce the occurrence and impact of disasters where primary prevention is not feasible. Building safe and resilient communities is at the heart of the IFRC’s approach to disaster risk reduction.

DRR activities are focused at the community level where disasters are felt and, frequently, risk reduction measures can make the biggest difference. The IFRC’s current offer of services to countries include preparedness of response, which means ensuring adequate systems and capacity exist for a timely and effective local, national, regional and international response. The second offer is mitigation/prevention, which is the limitation or outright avoidance of adverse impacts of hazards and related disasters. The third offer is the integration of risk reduction into sustainable development planning by ensuring development projects, such as health facilities, are protected from disaster impact.

Through the participation of Red Cross/Red Crescent national societies and volunteers, the IFRC has gained invaluable local knowledge pertinent to CADRI’s missions since they are on the ground before-during and after a crisis to provide stability to long term risk reduction actions. In addition, they have competencies which can be shared such as frameworks, approaches, tools, lessons in comprehensive risk assessment, resilience strengthening, capacity assessment and capacity strengthening of national societies. The IFRC has rich global humanitarian experience and makes a concerted effort to bridge the traditional humanitarian and development divide. Lastly, with their global network of 190 member countries, 170,000 branches and 17 million volunteers, the IFRC provides great visibility and is an asset to the CADRI Partnership.

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