Requesting CADRI assistance

The CADRI Partnership works through the UN Resident Coordinator System. Interested governments call upon the UN Country Team to mobilize expertise and deliver a package of services and products.

The CADRI partners have jointly developed capacity development tools and modules in 9 sectors including agriculture and food security, environment, nutrition, health, WASH, education, infrastructure, human mobility and climate services.

The CADRI Partnership can leverage a network of 90+ DRR experts from 16 regional hubs. Additionally, the CADRI Partnership has a standing agreement with the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) mechanism to deploy UNDAC member states expertise in disaster preparedness to participate in the CADRI capacity assessment.

In delivering its offer of services, CADRI seeks collaborative arrangements with other international and regional organizations, stand-by partners, centers of excellence, etc.

Upon receipt of the Resident Coordinator request, the scope of CADRI support services are determined by the government together with the UN Country Team. This will in turn shape the composition of the CADRI team and the range of DRR sector expertise that will be mobilized from the UN System, IFRC and UNDAC. CADRI provides a cost-effective capacity development facility to the most at risk countries as expertise is made available free of charge by CADRI partners.


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